• MainStreet Apartment Locating MUST BE SHOWN on both the Guest Card when you visit the community, AND on the Lease Application;

  • MainStreet Apartment Locating reserves all rights to modify all rebates, policies, disclaimers etc...without notice. Rebates will be honored if the renter has met all terms and conditions described;

  • Only one apartment rebate is offered per lease, and the rebate must be issued in the name of a lease holder;

  • You must not have lived in this same community before;

  • You cannot be a current or former employee of the company that manages the community;

  • You cannot be transferring or moving to a community that is managed by the same company;

  • You cannot have been referred by another apartment locator or real estate agent;

  • MainStreet Apartment Locating must receive its referral commission before any apartment rebate can be considered;

  • In the rare event that the apartment rebate is equal to or higher than the referral fee that MainStreet Apartment Locating receives, then the actual rebate amount may be adjusted;

  • Payment of the apartment rebate to you may be subject to the consent of the owner and/or the management company of the participating community; and

  • The apartment community must approve our sharing a portion of our commission with you.

Privacy Statement

MainStreet Apartment Locating does not sell customer information to outside sources or third party companies. All names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc...are completely confidential.